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Clark Preparatory Academy receives $100,000 grant for classroom upgrades from Lowe's, Next Detroit

October 21, 2010

Children to benefit from new computers, books and home economics learning center

Officials from the Next Detroit Neighborhood Initiative (NDNI) and Lowe’s Charitable and Educational Foundation presented a $100,000 check to the students at Clark Preparatory Academy on Detroit’s east side this afternoon during a ceremony to unveil plans for major classroom upgrades.

Detroit Public Schools Emergency Financial Manager Robert Bobb, Principal Cindy Lang, NDNI Executive Director Steve Ogden and Lowe’s District Manager Les Felder participated in the ceremony.

“We are very pleased to be able to work in partnership with Lowe’s to bring an improved academic environment to the students at Clark Preparatory Academy,” said Ogden. “Our organizational focus in the short term has been to shore up the assets in communities like MorningSide in...(more)


Radio Interview with MorningSide President Kelley Marks

July 27, 2010

Check out American Public Media’s interview with MorningSide President Kelley Marks.

The story will air at 8 p.m. tonight (July 27) on WUOM-FM, 91.7. Learn more about Kelley and her commitment to our community.

If you missed it, check out:


MorningSide Block Club Blitz

July 17, 2010

Last month we came to your block, clipboards in hand to introduce ourselves, inform you on what is happening in you neighborhood and to invite you to attend our meeting. We canvassed portions of the MorningSide area and was able to invite over 140 people to join us in “Bringing Our Community Back”.

It was so enlightening to meet everyone and hear their stories. Some did not know who or what MorningSide was; some were looking for a way to get help with problems on their block; and others were very interested in getting help to get their block / street organized. All were left with information on how to contact us for help and an invitation to get involved with the community that they live in. This lead to us having a great turn out at our July General meeting at which the attendees had the opportunity to learn about WARM Training Center...(more)


Project Smile Information from Detroit Neighborhood City Hall - East District

July 27, 2010

Message from Raymond Solomon, II, Manager of the City of Detroit Neighborhood City Hall – East District

Greetings All:

As you know, there have been many changes within our city’s structure. Here at the East District Neighborhood City Hall, we are
always looking for new ways to improve the area we serve. The East District Neighborhood City Hall is looking for partners for several
upcoming projects. Although Motor City Make Over has come and gone for 2010, my office has selected the Morning Side Area for a major cleanup.

The Morning Side Association...(more)


Detroit City Council President Charles Pugh Visits MorningSide

June 18, 2010

Detroit City Council President Charles Pugh recently spoke at our June general meeting regarding the importance of resident community involvement.

Pugh’s meeting visit leads into the MorningSide Block Club Blitz Rally Walk that will take place Saturday, June 19. The purpose of the walk is to inform the community of our organization and to sign up volunteers to be block captains and street representatives. These individuals will keep the MorningSide Board informed of what is happening on their block. If you make us aware of issues that arise on your block, we can help address them.

We need your help! We look forward to seeing you there!


A Personal Message from your President

June 8, 2010

Greetings Neighbors and Supporters,

Tonight is going to be a very special night for two very important reasons. Tonight is Election night, and this is when you decide who you want to lead your community. It is important to express your right to vote as a citizen, because it shows you care and gives you a voice to decide what takes place in your neighborhood.

The next important thing is the launch of our new “MorningSide Block Club Blitz Rally”! The Board of Directors has worked tirelessly to develop a strategic plan to make MorningSide a safe, clean, and attractive community. The launching of this new idea will bring back accountability to neighbors, rally new volunteers, allow a documented tracking system for each street in MorningSide, and also begin Phase II; Code enforcements. I need you there so you can hear how you are a...(more)


MorningSide’s Motor City Makeover Clean up

By: Candice Williams

May 20, 2010

Earlier this month, about 10 volunteers dedicated a Saturday morning to work at a vacant home in the 4100 block of Buckingham.

The clean up, near Clark Elementary School, consisted of clearing the driveway of trash and clearing some brush in an adjoining lot. Some items were designated for recycling. Bottled water and donuts were provided...(more)


Fighting back from the foreclosure blast zone

by: Sheena Harrison

April 29, 2010

In a city filled with foreclosures and abandoned buildings, East Warren Avenue on Detroit's east side could be called the epicenter. Banks own 1,331 buildings in the surrounding 48224 zip code. More than 7 percent of homes in the area were in foreclosure last year -- the highest rate in the city.

Vacant and boarded-up dwellings sit among the homes in this middle-class neighborhood -- many of which have signs saying "Bring back the pride" on their lawns. In the local business district, empty storefronts are interspersed with older businesses that have been around for decades and a handful of newer shops.

As residents move out, Bill Swanson spends his days trying to persuade businesses to move into those vacant commercial spaces. Shop by shop and block by block, the head of the local business alliance is waging a grassroots fight against crime, blight and neglect. He sees reviving the area's retail zone as the first step to wooing new residents...(more)


37 Minutes in MorningSide with Kelley Marks

By: Rodd Monts

February 02, 2010

It is a sunny afternoon in the East Side Detroit neighborhood known as MorningSide, one of the largest and oldest communities in the city. The neighborhood had aged relatively well. until the foreclosure crisis dealt the area a blow mighty enough to shake its foundation. Plywood encased homes started showing up on block after block.

But on this sun-drenched day on Kelley Marks' block, there is much reason for hope. The street is buzzing with activity. Forklifts and compact tractors flit up and down the street moving building materials and supplies to the half-dozen homes in various stages of construction. Work crews scampered about helping nudge a few homes closer to completion.

Marks, 31, is the president of the MorningSide Neighborhood Organization, and her block is ground zero of a massive building effort by Habitat for Humanity Detroit. Model asked her for 37 Minutes to ...(more)



DETROIT- Feb. 13, 2009

Community Legal Resources will award mini-grants to nine
Detroit community-based organizations. The grants will help residents maintain and protect vacant property in their neighborhoods. The grants will be awarded through the
Community and Property Preservation (CAPP) program, which is funded by The Kresge Foundation.

The nine organizations approved for CAPP grants are Detroit Catholic Pastoral Alliance, Focus: Hope, Grandmont Rosedale Development Corporation, MorningSide, Oakman Boulevard Community Association Housing Corporation, Pilgrim Village
Association, The Villages CDC, University District Radio Patrol, and U-SNAP-BAC Housing Corporation.
A pilot project, the CAPP program provides supplemental financial assistance to community-based organizations that are incurring costs due to do-it-yourself vacant property maintenance and security initiatives. The CAPP program will help stabilize Detroit neighborhoods suffering from increasing numbers of vacant properties and declining vacant property conditions.

Community Legal Resources received 49 grant applications in total. The applicant pool was very diverse, representing different income levels, organization types, and geographic areas of the city.

In general, organizations applied for funding for security and maintenance activities, such as 1) mowing lawns, 2) boarding up properties, and 3) cleaning trash from vacant properties.
Steve Wasko, former president of the Historic Indian Village Association and first president of the Villages CDC, said the grant will help them achieve their goal of “…keeping all properties viable, maintaining home values, and making vacant property crime something…too risky to undertake.”

In addition to ongoing vacant property security and maintenance activities, the grants will also fund many innovative activities including: installing exterior solar powered motion detector lights, putting up exterior indicators so police and security forces can easily identify vacant properties, providing gas gift cards for residents that mow the lawns of vacant properties, starting a “Clean Corps” comprised of neighborhood youth that will improve and document vacant properties, and painting murals on boarded

The CAPP program is funded by the Kresge Foundation and administered by Community Legal Resources (CLR). CLR is a nonprofit legal services provider and the lead organization on a collaborative project called the Detroit Vacant Property Campaign
(DVPC). The DVPC is an initiative of Detroit Local Initiatives Support Corporation and involves community groups, city residents, faith-based organizations, Community Development Advocates of Detroit, the University Of Michigan Taubman College Of Architecture and Urban Planning, and the City of Detroit. The purpose of the campaign is to empower Detroit residents to reduce the negative effects of vacant properties and turn vacant properties into neighborhood assets. For more information, please see


Detroit nonprofits receive grants for maintaining vacant property
By Sherri Begin Welch

Cain’s Detroit Business

Community Legal Resources has awarded $60,000 to nine local nonprofits to maintain and protect vacant property in their Detroit neighborhoods.

The sub-grants came through Community Legal Resources’ Detroit Vacant Property Campaign, funded by the Troy-based Kresge Foundation.

The nine organizations that received grants ranging from $4,000 to $10,000 were: Detroit Catholic Pastoral Alliance, Focus: HOPE, Grandmont Rosedale Development Corp., Villages Community Development Corp, MorningSide, Oakman Boulevard Community Association Housing Corp., Pilgrim Village Association, University District Radio Patrol and U-Snap-Bac Housing Corp.


Georgia Street Community Collective: An East Side Neighborhood Grows Together
By: Zak Rosen and Marvin Shaouni
Model D

The Georgia Street Community Collective garden has brought neighbors together and more importantly changed attitudes in this East Side neighborhood.

WDET 101.9 FM's Zak Rosen and Model D photographer Marvin Shaouni collaborated on this report on the grassroots garden and community collective, located at the 9300 Block of Georgia and Vinton streets between VanDyke and Gratiot.

Rosen has been reporting on Detroiters' efforts to combat the mortgage crisis and preserve their neighborhoods as part of WDET's series, "Home is More Than Our House," which airs regularly through the end of the month. You can read more on their blog.

Want to get involved with Georgia Street? The Georgia Street Community Collective has a wish list and more info on their blog.